Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Episode One Of The Out Of Step Music Hour

Here is the link to the inaugural broadcast of the Out of Step Music Hour.  This first playlist was put together in tribute to the record store that I had frequented for the past 15 years.  Wicked Discs/Brave New World closed its doors for the last time recently and has left quite a void in my normal activities.  I could think of no other way of honoring the store than by playing some music that ended up in my speakers because of them.

Have no fear.  Future playlists may not be nearly as daunting and oppressive, we'll see where the music takes it.

Thanks for downloading and listening.

Out Of Step Music Hour Episode One

Here's the playlist to go along with it:

01 Gaslight Anthem~American Slang~American Slang
02 Helmet~FBLA~Strap It On
03 Dinosaur Jr.~Back To Your Heart~Beyond
04 The Stooges~Down On The Street~Funhouse
05 Crayon-Death~Genesis Says~Three Sixteen
06 The Descendants~Hope~Milo Goes To College
07 At The Drive-In~One Armed Scissor~One Armed Scissor (CD Single)
08 The Clash~Hateful~London Calling
09 Fugazi~Furniture~Furniture
10 Grinderman~Palaces Of Montezuma~Grinderman 2
11 Anti-Flag~This Is The End (For You My Friend)~For Blood And Empire
12 Buzzcocks~Breakdown~Spiral Scratch
13 Refused~The Deadly Rhythm~The Shape Of Punk To Come
14 Against Me!~Those Anarcho Punks Are So Mysterious~The Acoustic E.P.
15 Bad Religion~Dearly Beloved~New Maps Of Hell
16 Pikadori~Model Nothing~Pikadori
17 Black Flag~Fix Me~Nervous Breakdown
18 Jane's Addiction~Mountain Song~Kettle Whistle
19 H2O~On Your Feet~F.T.T.W.
20 The Damned~Help~New Rose (Single)
21 Snapcase~Coagulate~End Transmission
22 Submachine~Too Mundane~Sawed Off Shotglass
23 Bad Brains~Pay To Cum~Let Them Eat Jelly Beans
24 Beastie Boys~Deal With It~Aglio E Olio
25 Slayer~Disciple~God Hates Us All
26 Roky Erickson~I Always Been Here Before~Gremlins Have Pictures
27 The Misfits~I Turned Into A Martian~12 Hits From Hell
28 True Widow~Night Witches~ A.H.A.T.H.H.A.F.T.C.T.T.C.O.T.E.
29 The Germs~Lexicon Devil~(M.I.A.) The Complete Anthology
30 Aus-Rotten~Media Blackout~And Now Back To Our Programming
31 The Ramones~I Don't Want To Grow Up~Adios Amigos
32 Circle Jerks~Beat Me Senseless~VI
33 Boris~Hope~Attention Please
34 Minor Threat~Screaming At A Wall~Complete Discography
35 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion~Identify~Now I Got Worry
36 Flipper~Ha Ha Ha~Let Them Eat Jelly Beans
37 Allan~Burn Through~About Five Seconds
38 Wire~Lowdown~Pink Flag
39 Rise Against~Great Awakening~The Unraveling
40 Soccer Team~We Closed A Record Store~Volunteered Civility And Professionalism

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