Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Episode Two: This Machine Kills Mediocrity

Hazzah!!!  Technical issues resolved!!!  Possibly.

I hope this finds everyone well.  The download link and the playlist are posted below.  This episode is a better sampling of what future broadcasts may have in store than the initial offering.

There are a few repeat performances from episode one but to quote the late R.D. Summers, "They sang it so nice, we'll let them sing twice."

And please keep in mind, we are surrounded by mediocre bastards and the circle is tightening.


Without further ado:

Out Of Step Music Hour Episode Two

1.  The Stooges~T.V. Eye~Funhouse
2.  Minor Threat~Out Of Step (With The World)~Complete Discography
3.  Ben Folds~There's Always Someone Cooler Than You~Sunny 16
4.  Off!~Rotten Apple~Compared To What
5.  Patton Oswalt~80's Metal~Feelin' Kinda Patton
6.  James Brown~Get On The Good Foot~20 All-Time Greatest Hits
7.  Le Butcherettes~Henry Don't Got Love~Sin Sin Sin
8.  Gaslight Anthem~We're Getting A Divorce, You Keep The Diner~Sink Or Swim
9.  Public Enemy~Bring The Noise~It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
10.  The Beatles~Helter Skelter~The White Album (Mono)
11.  Dax Riggs~Living Is Suicide~We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
12.  Huff 'N Doback~Boats 'N Hoes~Step Brothers
13.  The Clash~White Man In Hammersmith Palaise~The Clash
14.  Rise Against~Generation Lost~Join The Ranks
15.  Deerhoof~Panda Panda Panda~Apple O
16.  Beastie Boys~Root Down~Ill Communication
17.  Marvin Gaye~What's Going On~What's Going On
18.  The Misfits~Skulls~12 Hits From Hell
19.  Flight Of The Conchords~Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor~I Told You I Was Freaky
20.  Jimi Hendrix~Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)~First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
21.  The Living End~English Army~It's For Your Own Good
22.  Rival Schools~Shot After Shot~Pedals
23.  Al Green~Here I Am (Come And Take Me)~Greatest Hits
24.  The Buzzcocks~Ever Fallen In Love?~Singles Going Steady
25.  Soul Coughing~Sleepless~Irresistible Bliss

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