Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode Five: We're Here To Make You Think About Death And Get Sad And Stuff

Greetings listeners.

Anti-Flag played their record release show this past Sunday.  The only thing I didn't like about their set was not enough new songs.  They only played two songs off of the new record.

The General Strike comes out on Tuesday, March 20th.  After repeated listens, I like what I hear.

The Flatliners were one of the opening acts.  I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy a band from Canada.  Not to speak disparagingly of my neighbors to the north but I always found Canadian music lacking that animal instinct.  I guess it's all of that clean air and health care they have that takes the piss and vinegar out of their music.  In my humble opinion, it's a fair trade-off.  Bare Naked Ladies and Alanis in exchange for not going bankrupt when illness strikes.

In addition to Anti-Flag, the release schedule for 2012 is starting to look promising.

OFF! will be releasing their second effort on May 8th.

The Gaslight Anthem have completed recording Handwritten which is set for a summer release.  This may turn out to be early fall given artwork layout and other post-production issues that always arise.

Rival Schools seems to be back to work.  Hopefully they can hold it together now that they are a three piece.

Dinosaur Jr. may have something new for us by the end of the year as well.

There is a bit of a theme to this episode.  It involves the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Science fiction that movie was indeed.

Thanks for listening.

Here's the link for the show:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Five

And here's the playlist:

1.  Frank Black~I'm Not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh)~Fast Man Raider Man
2.  Iggy Pop~Fix Me~Rise Above: 24 Black Flag Songs To Benefit The West Memphis Three
3.  R.E.M.~Supernatural Superserious~Accelerate
4.  Buddy Holly & The Crickets~That'll Be The Day~Buddy Holly & The Crickets
5.  Sex Bob-Omb~We Are Sex Bob-Omb~Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
6.  The Warmers~Walking Solves It~The Warmers
7.  Sunny Day Real Estate~In Circles~Diary
8.  Blackeyes~Speaking In Tongues~Blackeyes
9.  Roky Erickson~The Interpreter~Gremlins Have Pictures
10.  Sex Bob-Omb~Garbage Truck~Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
11.  Thursday~Jet Black New Year~Five Stories Falling
12.  Foo Fighters~X-Static~Foo Fighters
13.  The Ruts~In A Rut~The Crack/Grin And Bear It
14.  Social Distortion~Through These Eyes~White Light, White Heat, White Trash
15.  Sex Bob-Omb~Threshold~Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
16.  Snapcase~Harrison Bergeron~Progression Through Unlearning
17.  New Amsterdams~When We Two Parted~Never You Mind
18.  Fugazi~Great Cop~In On The Kill Taker
19.  Tom Waits & The Kronos Quartet~God's Away On Business~Healing The Divide
20.  Sex Bob-Omb~Summertime~Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
21.  Ben Folds~All U Can Eat~Sunny 16
22.  Slayer~Stain of Mind~Diabolous In Musica
23.  Horrible Crowes~Behold The Hurricane~Elsie
24.  Blood Brothers~Set Fire To The Face On Fire~Young Machetes
25.  J Mascis + The Fog~Where'd You Go~More Light

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