Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Episode Four: This Mayhem Is Electric

Greetings and welcome to Episode Four of the Out of Step Music Hour.

I hope this finds everyone well and that you've made it through your day in one piece.

We have added Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Canada to the list of international visitors to this humble venture.  I hope you've all enjoyed the music so far.

Trying to get a new show posted every Wednesday seems to be working out for now.  I'm sure the pace may slow down at some point but I'll try to keep it up while I can.

There isn't much to report other than I am feeling old and lame for passing up shows on Sunday and Monday.  It was Matthew Pryor from the Get Up Kids on Sunday.  And Anti-Flag filming a basement show on Monday.  My legs hurt from kicking myself for missing both.

Thanks for stopping by, your listenership is greatly appreciated.

Here's the link to the download:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode Four

And here's the playlist to go with it:

1.  Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros~Coma Girl~Streetcore
2.  Jawbox~Desert Sea~Jawbox
3.  Motor Head~Ace of Spades~Ace of Spades
4.  Marnie Stern~Risky Biz~Marnie Stern
5.  Electric Mayhem~Can You Picture That?~The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem & More
6.  Isaac Hayes~ Walk On By~Hot Buttered Soul
7.  Amen~Coma America~Amen
8.  The Evens~All these Governors~The Evens
9.  Portishead~Cowboy~Portishead
10.  Body Count~Cop Killer~Body Count
11.  The Ramones~Spiderman~Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits
12.  Bob Marley & The Wailers~Talkin' Blues~Natty Dread
13.  Walking Concert~Hands Up!~Run To Be Born
14.  Lemuria~Keep Quiet~First Collection: 2005-2006
15.  Brian Eno~Blank Frank~Here Come The Warm Jets
16.  New End Original~Lukewarm~Thriller
17.  Atari Teenage Riot~Heat Wave~Burn, Berlin, Burn
18.  Routineers~Revolution Of The Spine~Routineers
19.  Jane's Addiction~Words Right Out Of My Mouth~The Great Escape Artist
20.  The Horrors~I Can't Control Myself~Primary Colours
21.  Beastie Boys~Lee Major's Come Again (RSD Mix)~Record Store Day Mystery Single
22.  Beastie Boys~Here's A Little Somethin' For Ya (RSD Mix)~Record Store Day Mystery Single
23.  Rollins Band~Earache My Eye~Insert Band Here
24.  Johnny Cash w/ Joe Strummer~Redemption Song~Unearthed
25.  One Day As A Lion~Last Letter~One Day As A Lion

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