Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode Thirteen: The Hiatus Is On

Greetings Dear Listener,

It is time to convene for another sampling of twenty-five tracks.

After the Adam Yauch special edition, we will return to our regular programming.

This is the space I would have used to write some sort of review of the Rise Against show over the past weekend.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to enter the venue due to my backpack.  Apparently the venue has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to backpacks.  I offered security the chance to search it since they were searching the over-sized purses of the female ticket holders but they declined.  I was told to take the bag back to my car.  Security found it odd when I told them I had taken public transit to the venue and had no car to put it in.

I was faced with the decision to either throw my bag and its contents in the trash or catch the next subway train back home.

The contents of said backpack were a notebook, two books and a pen.  I guess I would have been too dangerous sitting out of the way reading and writing between bands.

As big of a Rise Against fan as I am, they're not worth throwing away out of print books and a year's worth of writing.  Sorry.

Maybe next time I will guzzle $8.00 beers and start fights like the guys in wife-beaters and plaid cargo shorts instead of wanting to enrich myself through reading and writing.

Alien-boy swings and misses.  Again.

No one likes a thinker.

That's enough whining about what wasn't.  Let's talk about what is.

The Out of Step Music Hour will be going on hiatus after this episode.

I need a few weeks to digitize the giant box of records that has accumulated over the past few months.  

Given the schedule and continually being kicked in the nards by life, a break seems to be necessary.  

I can make time to record the show or record the vinyl but I don't have time to do both.  Something had to give.

I will use the time to track down new music and turn it into binary code for the computer to eat.

I will also try to find other methods of informing interested parties that this thing exists.  Word of mouth is nice but moving a bit slowly.

If anyone has any suggestions for music or marketing, feel free to send an email.

That's all for a while.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 13

Here's the playlist:

1.  Rise Against~Worth Dying For~Sufferer And The Witness
2.  J Mascis~Not Enough~Several Shades Of Why
3.  The Movielife~Jamestown~Forty Hour Train Back To Penn
4.  Rollins Band~Starve~Come In And Burn
5.  Office Of Future Plans~FEMA Coffins~Office Of Future Plans
6.  Gorilla Biscuits~Start Today~Start Today
7.  Plastered Bastards~Lemmings~If You're Not Drinking With Us... You're Drinking Against Us
8.  PJ Harvey~Grow Grow Grow~White Chalk
9.  The Beatles~Eleanor Rigby~Revolver (Mono)
10.  OFF!~Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt~OFF!
11.  Public Enemy~Superman's Black In The Building
12.  Bad Religion~Sinister Rouge~The Empire Strikes First
13.  Iceage~Broken Bone~New Brigade
14.  New End Original~Lukewarm~Thriller
15.  Iggy Pop~The Passenger~Lust For Life
16.  Snapcase~New Academy~Bright Flashes
17.  Hatebreed~Empty Promises~Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
18.  Thursday~How Long Is The Night?~Full Collapse
19.  Bad Brains~Attitude~The Omega Sessions
20.  Boysetsfire~(Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall~After The Eulogy
21.  Size 14~Claire Danes Poster~Size 14
22.  The Statler Brothers~Flowers On The Wall~Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
23.  Ben Weasel~Got My Number~These Ones Are Bitter
24.  Gaslight Anthem~45~Handwritten
25.  Johnny Cash~We'll Meet Again~American IV: The Man Comes Around

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