Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode Twelve: The Countdown to OFF! Is On

It's that time of the week for another assault on your aural and common senses.

The new OFF! record is less than a week away.  It is currently streaming on the SPIN magazine website.  After multiple listens, it is more of the same but what a same it is.

"45," the new Gaslight Anthem single is also streaming on the Rollingstone website.  July 24th is the day we can all do a happy dance because that is when Handwritten will be released.

Both SPIN and Rollingstone have outlived their relevance but they do serve their purposes from time to time.

Rise Against has a song on the Avengers Soundtrack.  Dirt and Roses is streaming on their website so save yourself the funds and take a listen for free.

The True Widow track in this episode came off of an e.p. titled I.N.O.  It was limited to 500 on vinyl but is available for download.  I.N.O. is another great five songs from True Widow.  It took the new OFF! to get me to stop listening to it.  Texas does have some redeeming value after all.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out Of Step Music Hour Episode Twelve

Here's the playlist:

1.  Black Sabbath~Solitude~Master Of Reality
2.  The Pixies~Gigantic~Death To The Pixies
3.  Fugazi~Merchandise~Repeater
4.  True Widow~S.F.H.D.~I.N.O.
5.  Rival Schools~Wring It Out
6.  Hank Williams III~Pills I Took~Straight To Hell
7.  Ruts~S.U.S.~The Crack
8.  Whatever It Takes~Write For Your Life~Fistful Of Revolution
9.  Jets To Brazil~I Typed For Miles~Orange Rhyming Dictionary
10.  Black Flag~My War~My War
11.  The Living End~From Here On In~It's For Your Own Good
12.  Dax Riggs~Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain~We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
13.  The Stooges~Death Trip~Raw Power
14.  Joe Strummer~Gangsterville~Earthquake Weather
15.  Gaslight Anthem~Casanova, Baby!~The '59 Sound
16.  At The Drive-In~Sleepwalk Capsules~Relationship Of Command
17.  John Lee Hooker~It Serves You Right To Suffer~It Serves You Right To Suffer
18.  Bloodsimple~Running From Nothing~Bloodsimple Demos
19.  Polar Bear Club~I'll Never Leave New York~Clash Battle Guilt Pride
20.  Mike Doughty~Sunken-Eyed Girl~Haughty Melodic
21.  H2O~A Thin Line~Nothing To Prove
22.  Beastie Boys~Shadrach~Paul's Boutique
23.  The Code~Story Of My Life~Alert Aware Involved
24.  Billie Holiday~Solitude~The Ultimate Billie Holiday
25.  Bob & Doug McKenzie~Okay, This Is The End, Eh?~Great White North

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