Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Episode 18: Q: Do You Want Your President To Wear Magic Underpants?

A:  I know I sure don't.

Greetings Dear Listener,

It is time once again to defile your speakers with high quality music that most people could care less about.

We pay tribute once more to the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.  They have been on "trial" in Moscow facing charges of hooliganism.  The "verdict" is supposed to come down on August 17th.  Something tells me it won't be good news.  Vlady's been a bad boy and he has a fit when people try to point that out.

Anti-Flag has been raising awareness and funds for Pussy Riot on their recent pass through Europe.  And we get a double dose of Anti-Flag along with a side project White Wives.  will get you more information.

There are a slew of songs off of recent releases that get a listen as well.  If anyone says that new music sucks, they're not looking in the right places.  Clear Channel will not offer you anything interesting or thought provoking.  Ever.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 18

Here's the playlist:

1.  Anti-Flag~Virgin Mary, Redeem Us Of Putin
2.  The Roids~Wrecking Machine~Sniper-X EP
3.  Minutes~I Was 19, You Were 20~Minutes 7-inch
4.  The Gaslight Anthem~Handwritten~Handwritten
5.  John Lee Hooker~Shake It Baby~It Serves You Right To Suffer
6.  Toadies~Get Low~Play.Rock.Music
7.  Dinosaur Jr.~Freak Scene~Live At The 9:30 Club
8.  Iggy Pop~Michelle~Apres`
9.  Japandroids~Younger Us~Celebration Rock
10.  Best Coast~The Only Place~The Only Place
11.  Pussy Riot~Kropotkin-Vodka
12.  Anti-Flag~Bullshit Opportunist~The General Strike
13.  Sonic Youth~Nic Fit~Dirty
14.  Bob Dylan~Desolation Row~Highway 61 Revisited (Mono)
15.  Bad Brains~Riot Squad~Rock For Light
16.  Eddy Current Suppression Ring~She's Dancing Away~So Many Things
17.  OFF!~Wiped Out~OFF!
18.  White Wives~Hungry Ghosts~Happeners
19.  Jane's Addiction~Underground~The Great Escape Artist
20.  Public Enemy~Get Up, Stand Up~Most Of My Heroes Still Don't Appear On No Stamp
21.  Pussy Riot~Osvobodi Bruschatku
22.  Ramones~Needles & Pins~Road To Ruin
23.  The Suicide Machines~Pins And Needles~Battle Hymns
24.  Squatweiler~Colorado~New Motherstamper
25.  Dead Endng~All Your Satellites Are Failing~Dead Ending
26.  Atari Teenage Riot~Death Star~Burn, Berlin, Burn
27.  High On Fire~Romulus And Remus~De Vermis Mysteriis
28.  Fiona Apple~Periphery~The Idler Wheel
29.  Caustic Christ~Can't Relate~Can't Relate
30.  Pussy Riot~Putin Zassal

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