Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Episode 41: Flag Should Have Been Waved In Surrender

Greetings Dear Listener,

As I type this, I am listening to the Bosnian Rainbows self-titled album.  It is currently streaming on the NPR website and so far it has yet to disappoint.  It comes out on Tuesday June 25th.

"The Distance Is So Big" from Lemuria came out this week.  It's been my first listen in the morning while I rot away at day job.  Paint The Youth is my favorite track off of it so far and that's the song we hear on the podcast.

Lemuria's Bridge Nine label mates, Boysetsfire, released "While A Nation Sleeps..." last week.  It's their first album in about seven years and they didn't miss a beat.

The Beach Boys and David Bowie tracks come from Wes Anderson movie soundtracks.  Whether you like his movies or not, they sure do have some pretty mean soundtracks.

We get into some Record Store Day leftovers with the At The Drive-In, Best Coast and Whirr tracks.  I had to hunt those down elsewhere because I couldn't come up with them locally.  And I'm still trying to find the South Park picture disc at a reasonable price.

In honor of Lou Reed's new liver, we'll listen to a Velvet Underground track.  We wish you a speedy recovery, sir.

I bit the Boris bullet and grabbed the "Praparat" vinyl off of the Discogs.  It cost me a kidney and a retina but damn is it worth every brain splitting minute.

While trolling the Discogs, I came across the former proprietor of Wicked Discs.  She had a stack of Boris records that I did not have.  Now I have them and she does not.  Capitalism in action, hooray.  Once I get them digitized, we will dig deep into those.  The "Vein" clear promo test pressing was among the stack.  That record left burn marks on my ears.  And it plays cleanly all the way through.  That was why the clear vinyl was abandoned.  Bubbles developed in the pressing process and made the record skip.

The Ramones track of the show comes from a bootleg of a 1982 show in New York.  Richie Ramone is the drummer on this bootleg.  This was when their sets somehow got to be two minutes faster.

The Flag show a few weeks go was not so good.  The best part of the evening was Killer Of Sheep.  They're local and have an EP available.  Track down "Out Of Time" if you can.  They also have a few other songs posted on the internets.

Anti-Flag has started a 7-inch subscription series.  They re-recorded a handful of songs from their back catalogue to correct and update them.  The a-side will be the new renditions and the b-sides will be songs from other bands.  Folks who sign up for the series will be entered into contests for various prizes and all kinds of other goodies.

In September, there will be a comprehensive Clash box set released.  This will supposedly contain everything under the sun and a DVD or two.  It will be shaped like a boombox as well.  Something tells me that this will be worth owning.

Dax Riggs come through town on July 2nd so expect the next episode to be Dax-centric.

Until next time.

Thanks for listening.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 41

Here's the playlist:

1.  Lemuria~Paint The Youth~The Distance Is So Big
2.  Dinosaur Jr.~Lightning Bulb~Beyond
3.  Beach Boys~Heroes & Villains~The Fantastic Mr. Fox
4.  Fugazi~Cashout~Pittsburgh 4.21.2001
5.  Devo~Mongoloid~Be Stiff
6.  At The Drive-In~Mannequin Republic~Relationship Of Command
7.  Best Coast~Fear Of My Identity~Fear Of My Identity
8.  Quicksand~Backward~Manic Compression
9.  Chuck Berry~Memphis~Golden Hits
10.  Helmet~Tic~Betty (Expanded)
11.  Portishead~Nylon Smile~Third
12.  Amen~Neutron Liars~Death Before Musick
13.  Bob Dylan~Ballad Of A Thin Man~Highway 61 Revisited (Mono)
14.  Ramones~Rock 'N' Roll Radio~Live NYC 1982
15.  One Last Wish~My Better Half~1986
16.  Boris~Method Of Error~Praparat
17.  Jawbreaker~Boxcar~Dear You
18.  David Bowie~Queen Bitch~The Life Aquatic
19.  Rise Against~Black Masks & Gasoline (Demo)~RPM10
20.  Thee Oh Sees~Putrifiers II~Putrifier II
21.  Boysetsfire~Until Nothing Remains~While A Nation Sleeps...
22.  Whirr~Junebouvier~Part Time Punks Sessions
23.  Velvet Underground~Run Run Run~The Velvet Underground & Nico
24.  Killer Of Sheep~Clouds~Out Of Time
25.  Black Flag~Clocked In~Everything Went Black

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