Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Episode 43: Sink, Florida, Sink

Greetings Dear Listener,

It has certainly been an awful few weeks for people who like to think and have a sense of right.  The Bastards seem to be winning and Rome is being incinerated at a rapid pace.

What better way to try to keep our spirits up than ripping through twenty-five tracks of goodness.

We've got brand new True Widow on the program.  Circumambulation comes out on the 23rd so go buy it.  If you want a preview of the sweet aural that the record is, go over to the Pitchfork website where it's streaming.  Then go to the Relapse Records website to order it.  My only complaint is that I can't get the volume high enough while listening to it.

True Widow is touring this fall so go see them if you can.  They're not coming to Pittsburgh on this leg but hopefully they'll come through town in the near future.

The Zeitgeist song comes from the Mind Cure Records subscription series which is available at the store at the end of every month.  The band also has an ep for free download on Band Camp.

High on Fire has a two volume live record out now.  Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1 is where we get the version of Fertile Green for this episode.

I drove down to Morgantown, WV to see The Evens a few weeks ago.  Seeing them twice in one week has done wonders to lift the spirit.  Here's a picture from the show that I took:

The show was at 119 Pleasant St.  It's an empty storefront next to the club 123 Pleasant St.  There were absolutely no amenities in the place and it worked very well as a venue.

Against Me! has offered two new songs for a free download on their website.  Sign up for their email list and they send you a link to download the tracks.  I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet but I will remedy that shortly.

Far's two major releases will get the vinyl reissue treatment from Shop Radio Cast.  Water & Solutions and Tin Cans With Strings To You have gotten to the test pressing stage.  If all goes well, they will be released in late August, so they say.

The Bosnian Rainbows will be in town on Saturday.  They're playing at the Altar Bar which is not the best sounding venue I've ever been to.  Something tells me they'll be able to power through it.  I can't wait to see that band.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 43

Here's the playlist:

1.  Iggy & The Stooges~Search & Destroy~Raw Power
2.  Eddy Current Suppression Ring~Isn't It Nice~Rush To Relax
3.  High on Fire~Fertile Green~Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1
4.  I Is Another~Dear Departed~I Is Another
5.  Zeitgeist~(A)~Mind Cure June 2013
6.  True Widow~Four Teeth~Circumambulation
7.  Jawbox~Savory~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
8.  Best Coast~So Gone~Sun Was High (So Was I)
9.  Beastie Boys~Resolution Time~Get It Together 12-inch Single
10.  Flight of The Conchords~Bowie~Flight of The Conchords
11.  The Ramones~California Sun~Leave Home
12.  Handsome~Dim The Lights~Handsome
13.  Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros~X-Ray Style~Rock Art & The X-Ray Style
14.  Deerhoof~Milk Man~Milk Man
15.  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion~Danger~Meat + Bone
16.  Al Green~Tired Of Being Alone~Greatest Hits
17.  Jesus Lizard~Thumbscrews~Shot
18.  Vivian Girls~Double Vision~Everything Goes Wrong
19.  Germs~We Must Bleed~(GI)
20.  Youth Brigade~Last Word~Flex Your Head
21.  This Charming Man~Bleeder~Every Little Secret...
22.  Tess Brunet~The Great Nothing~The Great Nothing
23.  The Sword~(The Night Sky Cried) Tears Of Fire~Tears Of Fire
24.  The Clash~Complete Control~Complete Control Single
25.  The Evens~Cut From The Cloth~Get Evens

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