Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Episode 51: One Less Giant Walks Among Us

Greetings Dear Listener,

As I'm sure you have noticed by now, the world lost Lou Reed a few weeks ago and this episode's playlist makes an attempt at honoring the man's work.

Lou's wife, Laurie Anderson, wrote an amazing tribute to her husband that described his final moments.  Get yourself a box of tissues and go here to read it.

We also lost Marcia Wallace.  She was the voice behind Mrs. Krabappel on The Simpsons.  You may also want to check out her work on the first Bob Newhart show.  She could teach us all something about comedy.

A few South Park episodes ago, the goth kids had to team up with the vampire kids to defeat the emo kids.  The best line of the episode was "If you're not emo, why are you listening to Sunny Day Real Estate?"  Coffee dripped from my nose on that one because I had been listening to their album Diary earlier that day.  Seven was the track played on South Park and it made its way onto this playlist.

My Death records came in the mail the other day and have been in heavy rotation since.

The Bad Religion Christmas album is available now on CD and download.  It's the vinyl pressing that will be out later this month.  It is currently streaming on the youtubers.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit a charity that aids victims of clergy molestation.  The subversive irony is not lost on me.

There's a new Polar Bear Club record coming out November 19th.  The band has jumped ship from Bridge Nine to Rise Records.

Dax Riggs comes back to town on December 13th.  He's playing the late show at Club Cafe so get there if you can.

Also in December, the Hollywood Theater will be playing a double feature on the 21st.  SLC Punk will play at 7pm.  And Filmage, the documentary about the Descendents, plays at 10pm.  Settle in for nearly six hours of celluloid goodness.

I've been reading Questlove's book lately.  It is quite the funny bit of writing.  The Roots' manager wrote footnotes that seemingly contradict Questlove's version of events.  The footnotes usually start with a "That's not exactly how it happened."

Put on those Velvet Underground records and crank it up to 11.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London. Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 51

Here's the playlist:
1.  Lou Reed~This Magic Moment~Lost Highway
2.  Death~Freakin' Out~...For The Whole World To See
3.  Sunny Day Real Estate~Seven~Diary
4.  Melt-Banana~Then Red Eyed~Fetch
5.  VUM~Stranger/Soft Machine~Psychotropic Jukebox
6.  The Velvet Underground~Run Run Run~Velvet Underground & Nico
7.  The Vaselines~The Day I Was A Horse~Enter The Vaselines
8.  Mud City Manglers~Hangover Hurricane~Mind Cure October 2013
9.  Walking Concert~Animals~Run To Be Born
10.  The Ramones~I Believe In Miracles~Brain Drain
11.  The Velvet Underground~Here She Comes Now~White Light/White Heat
12.  Fuzz~Preacher~Fuzz
13.  The Crystals~He's A Rebel~Lux & Ivy's Favorites Vol. 9
14.  The Mallard~Crystals & Candles~Finding Meaning In Deference
15.  Chuck Dukowski Sextet~Venus In Furs~Eat My Life
16.  Lou Reed~Perfect Day (Acoustic Demo)~Transformer
17.  Dumb Numbers~Breaking The Split-Screen Barrier~Dumb Numbers
18.  Tom Waits~Rains On Me~Free The West Memphis 3
19.  Pixies~Another Toe In The Ocean~EP1
20.  La Sera~Drive On~Sees The Light
21.  The Velvet Underground~Oh! Sweet Nothin'~Loaded
22.  Sebadoh~Separate~Defend Yourself
23.  Far~Bury White~Water & Solutions
24.  Iggy Pop~The Passenger~Lust For Life
25.  Bad Brains~Don't Need It~Bad Brains

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