Saturday, January 4, 2014

Episode 55: Too Busy Re-Watching Breaking Bad To Think Of A Witty Title

Greetings Dear Listener,

We can now put away our Christmas helmets and crawl out of our New Year's bunkers.  The holiday grind is behind us and we can now resume our regular day to day grind.

Speaking of Christmas, we can all remember this fond childhood moment:

Yes, that really happened.  If anyone claims that the 80's weren't a strange, fucked up time in our history, just show them this picture to set them straight.

I was going to post the local car ad that Gary Busey did a few years ago dressed as Santa but that was somehow not posted on the youtubes.

The Helmet/Melvins split single from their tour of Australia has hit the internets.  I should have it in hand by the end of next week.  Here's what the cover looks like:

I finally saw the Lone Ranger.  I actually enjoyed it but I still can't understand why they spent $215 million on it.  Westerns used to be made in abundance because they were always the cheapest to film.  That has apparently changed.

In a PR move ahead of the Winter Olympics, Vladimir Putin released the two remaining members of Pussy Riot that were being held.  I guess the thinking is that no one will notice the shit ton of other human-rights abuses if two high profile prisoners are released.  Oh well.  Outside of Women's Curling, who really gives a shit about the Winter Olympics.

It seems that the "new" Black Flag album came out last month.  Here's the funniest customer review that I read on the Amazons:

"My father died prior to this album's release. That's all that stops this waste of studio time from being the biggest tragedy of my life in 2013."

Ron Reyes was sacked as the singer of the band while they were on tour in Australia.  Here's a link to an article that includes Ron's statement about being fired during a show.  The name Black Flag has become a sad joke to me.

Zeitgeist played last night but I was too old and lazy to go to the show.  Feeding my inner-nerd with episodes of Maron and Arrow on the Netflix seemed like a better option than dealing with other humans.  Zeitgeist does have a new-ish EP available on their Bandcamp page for download.  It was a tape they put together for their tour back in November.  There were only 100 cassettes made so I'm sure I missed out on it.

The new Minutes LP, Roland, was dropped off by my friendly neighborhood mailman, this morning.  The download was good but the LP was gooder.  You can go here to see for yourself.  We will certainly be getting further into it as the weeks go by.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 55

Here's the track listing:
1.  Helmet~Anything And Everything~Helmet/Melvins Split
2.  True Widow~Lungr~Circumambulation
3.  Minutes~In Your Own Fuel~Roland
4.  VUM~Solid Waves~Psychotropic Jukebox
5.  The Julie Ruin~Ha Ha Ha~Run Fast
6.  Submachine~I Wanna Be There~In Spite Of Everything...
7.  White Wives~Yours~White Wives
8.  Chelsea Wolfe~We Hit A Wall~Pain Is Beauty
9.  Bad Religion~Dept. Of False Hope~True North
10.  Marnie Stern~Nothing Is Easy~Chronicles Of Marnia
11.  Melt-Banana~Lefty Dog (run, caper, run)~Fetch
12.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds~We Know Who U R~Push The Sky Away
13.  Fuzz~Raise~Fuzz
14.  Bosnian Rainbows~Morning Sickness~Bosnian Rainbows
15.  Iggy & The Stooges~Burn~Ready To Die
16.  Lemuria~Clay Baby~The Distance Is So Big
17.  Sebadoh~State Of Mine~Defend Yourself
18.  Iceage~Morals~You're Nothing
19.  The Mallard~A Form Of Mercy~Finding Meaning In Deference
20.  Chelsea Light Moving~Lip~Chelsea Light Moving
21.  Worlds Scariest Police Chases~Gay Jesus For President~NOFX & Out Come The Wolves Dookie
22.  Best Coast~I Don't Know How~Fade Away
23.  Dumb Numbers~Redrum~Dumb Numbers
24.  Pixies~Indie Cindy~EP1
25.  Melvins~Dr. Mule~Tres Cabrones

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