Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Episode 57: Live From The Ice System Of Hoth

Greetings Dear Listener,

If you have not heard by now, earlier this week we lost one of the greatest Americans of the last century.  Pete Seeger passed away at the age of 94.  In this episode, I make a meager attempt at paying tribute to the man.

Pete Seeger stood up for the common man and spoke out for peace and equality at times when it was not always popular to do so.  From workers' rights to civil rights to anti-war demonstrations, Pete Seeger was there for us for over 70 years.  We seem to be running out voices for the voiceless.

From someone that upheld the ideals of America to those that are trying to destroy them:  Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly are touring together and are somehow booked at arenas.  Chelsea Handler is also on an arena tour.  Larry The Cable Guy came through town recently playing a symphony hall.  To all of this the only thing I can say is:  What the fuck?  Mediocrity is holding sway and humanity is doomed.  I give up.

And as if we all didn't have enough reasons to hate Sea World, check out the documentary Black Fish that is currently streaming on the Netflix.  Here's a trailer for it:
In better news, there will be a wonderful event in 2015.  Marvel Universe Live will be coming to town two Octobers from now.  I don't know what it will exactly be but I'm a big enough nerd to want to find out.  Here's a promo trailer for that too:
I haven't picked up the Mind Cure single for January yet.  It came out last weekend but the weather didn't seem too agreeable for traveling to a neighborhood with the word "Hill" at the end of it.  I may have an illness but it hasn't gotten to point where I'd be willing to bobsled down hill in my car for records.

However, I finally picked up Slayer's vinyl reissue of God Hates Us All, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Miles Davis' Kind of Blue in mono.  My house may be cold but at least it's a rockin'.

The Circle Jerks live album Gig is going to be issued on vinyl.  There are only 500 being pressed so get your pre-order in now.  Shop Radio Cast still seems to have it listed.  It looks like the pre-order on Interpunk is no longer available.

The new Against Me! is out.  Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a solid 10 tracks.  We'll be getting into that in a few episodes.

That's all for now.

Thanks for listening.

Take it easy.  But take it.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 57

Here's the playlist:
1.  The Sword~Apocryphon~Apocryphon
2.  Jane's Addiction~Ocean Size (Demo)~Kettle Whistle
3.  Pete Seeger~Bourgeois Blues~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
4.  The Ruts~Staring At The Rude Boys~Staring At The Rude Boys
5.  Nic Lawless & Young Criminales~Sunless~Mind Cure December 2013
6.  Fugazi~Break~End Hits
7.  Deadline~Close Door~8/2/82
8.  Pete Seeger~We Shall Overcome~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
9.  Government Issue~Asshole~The Year In 7-Inches
10.  Minutes~Paring Knife~Roland
11.  The Cramps~Uranium Rock~All Tore Up
12.  The Bangers~Baby Let Me Bang Your Box~Lux & Ivy's Favorites Vol. 11
13.  Pete Seeger~Talking Atom (Old Man Atom)~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
14.  Tinariwen~Iswegh Attay~Tasili
15.  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion~Money Rock 'n' Roll~Plastic Fang
16.  Stiff Little Fingers~Gotta Gettaway~All The Best
17.  Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros~Blitzkrieg Bop~Coma Girl (Single)
18.  Pete Seeger~Tomorrow Is A Highway~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
19.  George Carlin~How To Handle A Heckler~The Little David Years
20.  Ben Folds Five~Julianne~Ben Folds Five
21.  L7~Shitlist~Natural Born Killers
22.  Ramesses~Omniversal Horror~The Tomb
23.  Pete Seeger~Talking Union~If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
24.  The Kinks~You Really Got Me~Lux & Ivy's Favorites Vol. 3
25.  Dax Riggs~Truth In The Dark~We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love

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