Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 58: Looks Like We're Going To Need A Bigger Shovel

Greetings Dear Listener,

If you are ever in a band and someone offers to remaster and reissue your record on vinyl, don't post that record on-line for free download two weeks before the pre-order goes up.  It's just a suggestion.  That seems like a very stupid thing to do that would cause the reissue to not happen.  Oh well.  I guess I won't be starting a label just yet.

Heavy Blanket, the instrumental stoner band of J Mascis, will be releasing a live album from an in-store performance they played in Australia.  There were only 200 pressed for North America on purple vinyl.  They sold out within hours.  I had to overpay on the ebays for my copy so I think we'll listen to a massive chunk of it for everyone else that missed it too.

I Am The Avalanche have a new record coming out shortly.  They'll be in town some time next month so go check them out.

Snakes On A Plane was somehow cleaned up to air on television.  I am very curious to see how all of the mother-fuckin', mother-fucks were taken out of that mother-fuckin' movie.

There's a new Ali-G show starting on FXX on February 26th.  Set your DVR's, if you can find the channel.

Other than the face-burning water and unseasonable warmth, the Winter Olympics seem to be nothing more than Putin's attempt at being a monarch.  Or at the very least, a lame Lex Luthor.

Bill "The Science Guy" Nye debated Ken "The Creationist Guy" Ham over the merits of creationism.  It wasn't so much a debate as one guy presented facts and the other guy presented an agenda of some sort.  It's a long watch but worth it.  You'll have to fast forward for about ten minutes until it begins.  Why they didn't edit that part off, I don't know.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 58

Here's the playlist:
1.  The Jesus Lizard~Puss~Jesus Lizard/Nirvana Split Single
2.  The Horrors~Mirror's Image~Primary Colours
3.  Zeitgeist~Truth Or Consequence~2013 Tour Tape
4.  Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers~Born To Lose~L.A.M.F. (White Trash Soul Mix)
5.  Savage Amused~Second Class Bore~Savage Amused
6.  Devo~Man From The Past~Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
7.  The Living End~Don't Shut The Gate~Roll On
8.  The Ramones~Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue~It's Alive
9.  Sacrilege~Flight Of The Nazgul~It's Time To Face The Reaper
10.  Wesley Willis~Stop Mulling Over The Mullet~Shake Your Piggy Bank
11.  Handsome~Closer~Handsome Bonus 7"
12.  David Bowie~Oh! You Pretty Things~Bowie At The Beeb
13.  Soul Coughing~How Many Cans?~Irresistible Bliss
14.  The Stooges~I Wanna Be Your Dog (John Cale Mix)~The Stooges
15.  Otis Redding~Pain In My Heart~Complete Stax/Volt Singles Collection
16.  Melvins~City Dump~Tres Cabrones
17.  Death~Where Do We Go From Here???~...For The Whole World To See
18.  The Horrible Crowes~Sugar~Elsie
19.  Pixies~Snakes~EP2
20.  The Damned~New Rose~Peel Session 11/30/1976
21.  The Velvet Underground~Beginning To See The Light (Early Version)~White Light/White Heat (Deluxe)
22.  Lewis Black~Candy Corn/We Don't Know What We Are Doing Anymore~The Carnegie Hall Performance
23.  Mary Prankster~Rational Bohemian~Blue Skies Forever
24.  Pure Hell~Noise Addiction~Noise Addiction
25.  Nirvana~Oh, The Guilt~Jesus Lizard/Nirvana Split Single

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