Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Episode 59: The World Is A Less Funny And Rockin' Place

Greetings Dear Listener,

Death has been putting up Gretzky-like numbers over the past few months.  Instead of our heroes dropping like moths around a bug zapper, aren't there any assholes left to go?  We lost the comedic genius of Harold Ramis but Chelsea Handler still trundles about.  There is no such thing as fairness or balance in the universe.

If you were wondering about the future of Ghostbusters III, have no fear.  Dan Aykroyd likes money way too much to let something as tragic as this get in his way.  Does the Blues Brothers 2000 ring a bell?

We also lost Bob Casale of Devo last week.  He was one innovative spud.  Bob 2 was responsible for a lot of the sequencing and programming in Devo's music.

We've got tracks from the new OFF! and I Am The Avalanche albums featured on the program.  The OFF! pre-order is up at Interpunk for exclusive red vinyl.  Here's the album art for Wasted Years and Wolverines:

Pink vinyl for Wolverines can be found here.

Due to a manufacturing error, there was no Mind Cure single for February.  But that's alright.  That only means the series will last an extra month.

Sarah Silverman had an interesting conversation with Jesus a few weeks ago and posted it to the youtubes.  This only reaffirms that she is one of my favorite people.

There is a new documentary about the influence that Batman has had on the lives of everyday people.  It's called We Are Batman: Legends Of The Knight.  Here's the trailer for it:
The Pittsburgh screening will be on Monday, March 17th at the Loews theater at the Waterfront.  Go to the We Are Batman website for ticket info.  Since it is a special screening, advanced tickets will need to be purchased.

Thanks for listening.

Are we not men?  We are DEVO!


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 59

Here's the playlist:
1.  OFF!~Void You Out~Wasted Years
2.  Against Me!~Two Coffins~Transgender Dysphoria Blues
3.  Old Head~Brainbruise~Mind Cure January 2014
4.  Negative Trend~Meathouse~We Don't Play, We Riot
5.  I Am The Avalanche~The Shape I'm In~Wolverines
6.  The Rondelles~Revenge!~Boys Lie
7.  Refused~Worms Of The Senses/Faculties Of The Skull~The Shape Of Punk To Come
8.  Radio Birdman~Do The Pop~Radios Appear
9.  The Replacements~Answering Machine~Let It Be
10.  The Ramones~I Wanted Everything~Road To Ruin
11.  Icege~Hole~New Brigade
12.  Marnie Stern~Patterns Of A Diamond Ceiling~In Advance Of A Broken Arm
13.  Black Sabbath~Paranoid~Paranoid
14.  La Sera~How Far We've Come Now~Sees The Light
15.  Ma Jolie~Brace, Smile~Polars-A Years Collection
16.  Grinderman~Man In The Moon~Grinderman
17.  Two Inch Astronaut~Little Short Guy~Bad Brother
18.  Sleater-Kinney~Steep Air~The Woods
19.  Iggy & The Stooges~Gimme Danger~Raw Power
20.  De La Soul~The Magic Number~3 Feet High & Rising
21.  Heavy Blanket~Galloping Toward The Unknown~Heavy Blanket
22.  The Velvet Underground~Venus In Furs~The Velvet Underground & Nico (Mono)
23.  Toy Guitar~Shoot The Piano Player~Toy Guitar
24.  Miles Davis~So What~Kind Of Blue (Mono)
25.  Circle Jerks~World Up My Ass~Gig

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