Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Episode 71: A Couple Of Js

Greetings Dear Listener,

You know it's going to be a long day at the office when you walk in and the two king idiot mouth flappers are somehow simultaneously discussing partial birth abortion and the varying personalities of dogs.  Because those two subjects are completely intertwined.  I hate my life.

Add that to my experience at the Anti-Flag show this past weekend and I am thoroughly convinced that humanity is doomed.  Vile, stupid, bipedal beasts will be the end of life on this planet.

This episode brings us back to our regularly scheduled programming after celebrating the lives and music of the Ramones.  It's all J Mascis and J Robbins.  The episode runs long but I think you'll dig it.

Here are a few helpful links, if your interest has been piqued:
Free So Free
Dinosaur Jr.
J Mascis
J Robbins
Desoto Records

There is new music from Sleep.  The Clarity is damn near ten minutes of sludgy, stoner goodness.  It's available as a free download from Adult Swim.  Sleep was week number seven.  A twelve inch single with laser etched artwork on the b-side would be nice.  Hint, hint.

I came across a decent sounding download of the self-titled album from the Stains.  The Stains were a band from Southern California in the early 1980's.  Their record came out and then disappeared.  Supposedly there was a payment issue between the band and their label.  That is one of the reasons the record has never been reissued and has fallen to obscurity.  Once you discover what label the Stains were on, you won't be surprised by the difficulties the band had.

I recently finished re-reading Douglas Adams' The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul.  I want to see it turned into a movie set in the context of the cinematic Marvel Universe.  At least as one of those half hour short films they put on as extras for the DVD's.

Comedy Central has outdone themselves.  Shart Week starts this Sunday at 8pm.  I would like to see sharks beat a week's worth of poop jokes.

The trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk movie has been released.  It looks creepily amazing and I can't wait until September to see it.  WalrusYes, like a mother fucker.

Here's the artwork that's attached to the episode:

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 71

Here's the playlist:
1.  J Mascis~Every Morning~Tied To A Star
2.  Jawbox~Savory~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
3.  Dinosaur Jr.~Forget The Swan~Dinosaur
4.  Office Of Future Plans~Broke Myself Into Pieces~Website
5.  J Mascis~Alone~Peel Session 11/28/2002
6.  Jawbox~Tongues~Tongues
7.  Dinosaur Jr.~Pierce The Morning Rain~I Bet On Sky
8.  Channels~New Logo~Waiting For The Next End Of The World
9.  J Mascis + The Fog~I've Had It~Rolling Stone Session 2/10/2002
10.  Jawbox~Cooling Card~My Scrapbook Of Fatal Accidents
11.  Dinosaur Jr.~The Wagon~Green Mind
12.  Jawbox~Desert Sea~Jawbox
13.  Dinosaur Jr.~Quicksand~Whatever's Cool With Me
14.  Jawbox~FF=66~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
15.  Dinosaur Jr.~I Want You To Know~Farm
16.  Burning Airlines~Sweet Deals On Surgery~Mission: Control
17.  J Mascis~I've Been Thinking~Circle
18.  Office Of Future Plans~Dumb It Down~Office Of Future Plans
19.  J Mascis + The Fog~Where'd You Go~More Light
20.  Burning Airlines~Outside The Aviary~Identikit
21.  J Mascis + The Fog~Leaving On A Jetplane~Waistin'
22.  Channels~Chivaree~Open
23.  Dinosaur Jr.~Been There All The Time~Beyond
24.  Jawbox~68~For Your Own Special Sweetheart
25.  J Mascis + The Fog~More Light~More Light

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