Friday, August 29, 2014

Episode 73: Oink

Greetings Dear Listener,

As I type this I am listening to the new Sarah Silverman record, We Are Miracles.  Holy shit is it funny.  The album stream is now available to those that pre-ordered.

A special thanks to the kind folks over at Exotic Fever Records.  I ordered War on Women's record and the label sent me a bunch of free records along with it.

My brain is fried with all of the new records that have been coming out over the past few weeks.  Zig-Zags, Ty Segall, J. Mascis and Gaslight Anthem.  Whoever says new music sucks has no idea what they are missing.

The clear vinyl for Melt-Banana's Fetch album has finally started to circulate on the internets.  Last I had heard the label gave up on the clear vinyl due to manufacturing issues.  I guess they got that figured out.  Good for us.

The Melvins will be releasing Hold It In on October 14th.  The only pre-order I've seen for it so far has been on the Amazon for the mp3.  No CD or vinyl as of yet.

Le Butcherettes' Cry Is For The Flies will finally get a vinyl release on September 30th.  There seems to be different artwork for the Ipecac release than what was used for the thumbnail artwork on the download from earlier this year.

The two CD Japanese import version of Boris's Noise album can be found for an almost reasonable price.  This is also on the Amazon.  I called around to a few local record stores and they were unable to get it from any of their distributors.

The OFF! show went off without a hitch the other night.  No insufferable drunks invaded my area to ruin the evening.

The RVIVR/War On Women/Zeitgeist show a few weeks back was a good time out.  Due to a rather nasty cold/fever I had to miss RVIVR but War On Women certainly won me over and Zeitgeist was even better the second time.

If you've got an extra $450 laying around, there's a purple Dinosaur Jr. turntable for sale in their merch store.  $450 and it's not even direct drive.  If I want a purple turntable that badly, I know how to use paint.

***Update*** Apparently quite a few people had an extra $450 laying around.  The purple turntable has sold out.

The Worlds Scariest Police Chases track on the program can be found here.  I was unaware of Unfuckwithable until recently.  What a pleasant surprise that was.

The Batman: Assault On Arkham DVD is out.  Kevin Conroy is back as the voice of Batman.  Hooray.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 73

Here's the playlist:
1.  Worlds Scariest Police Chases~Fuck Your Faith~Unfuckwithable
2.  Motorhead~Ace Of Spades~Ace Of Spades
3.  N.W.A.~Fuck Tha Police~Straight Outta Compton
4.  High On Fire~Anointing Of Seer~Blessed Black Wings
5.  The Clash~Police On My Back~Sandinista
6.  Tacocat~Spring Break-Up~Take Me To Your Dealer
7.  Submachine~Police Attack~Sawed Off Shotglass
8.  Jesus Lizard~Monkey Trick~Goat
9.  The State~Police State~No Illusions EP
10.  Gil Scott-Heron~The Revolution Will Not Be Televised~Evolution (And Flashback)
11.  Black Flag~Police Story~Everything Went Black
12.  Bad Brains~Right Brigade~Rock For Light
13.  Angelic Upstarts~Police Oppression~Independent Punk Singles Collection
14.  The Traditional Fools~Snot Rag~The Traditional Fools
15.  U.K. Subs~Police State~A.W.O.L.
16.  Alhousseini Anivolla~Tamiditin~Rough Guide To African Blues
17.  Anti-Flag~Fuck Police Brutality~A Document Of Dissent
18.  Chuck Dukowski Sextet~My Blood Shines So Bright~Eat My Life
19.  The Ruts~S.U.S.~The Crack
20.  Body Count~Pop Bubble~Manslaughter
21.  Battered Citizens~Downhill~Police Brutality
22.  Black Sabbath~Iron Man~Paranoid
23.  Richard Pryor~N-----s Vs Police~That N-----'s Crazy
24.  UV Race~Lego Man~Greatest Hits Vol. 1
25.  Fugazi~Great Cop~In On The Kill Taker

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