Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Episode 80: Crawling Out Of The Black Friday Bunker

Greeting Dear Listener,

Those jackbooted thugs known as Santa Claus and Baby Jesus are bearing down on us mightily.  I'm not sure how much more merriment I can handle and it's only the 3rd.

The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released over the weekend.  The only thing the trailer did for me was reaffirm my notion that the internet is a racist.  How people can flip their wigs over a black stormtrooper is beyond me.

First of all, it is set 30 years after Return Of The Jedi.  Maybe all of the Jango "Died Like A Bitch" Fett clones died off or took the Imperial retirement offer.  After all, they were on two Death Stars that got blowed up.  Who would still want to work there after that?  Maybe the Empire went trolling for fodder at local community colleges and high schools.  The economy on a desert planet can't be that great.  Beyond the secondhand droid market, where's someone going to get a job?  Fuck it, sign up for stormtroopering and you'll get to see the galaxy.  You don't even need to know how to aim your blaster.  Just blindly pull the trigger and hope for the best.

Second of all, Star Wars isn't real.  Sorry to burst any bubbles but it's not an historical account of anything.  It's a made up story.  Take a breath and shut the fuck up.  Maybe those shitty prequels would have been better if they'd have cloned Django instead of Jango.

AMC has been rolling out clips before Better Call Saul starts up in February.  I am so glad Jonathan Banks signed on for the show.

I damn near forgot that with a new Deerhoof release, there might be a Deerhoof flexi-book to go with it.  The La Isla Bonita flexi-book is out now and is a sight to be seen.  There were only 500 made and they may have sold out by now.  Go to the Polyvinyl site to find out.  Joyful Noise put it together and released another instructional video to go with it.

Recently, there was a joint release between Mind Cure and A-F Records to press Modey Lemons self-titled album to vinyl.  The CD release from the 00's was good.  This vinyl pressing will liquify your brain.

Modey Lemon's House On The Hill demo CDR was also pressed to vinyl by Omentum Records.

Both records can be found at Mind Cure.  Go get them.

Thanks for listening.

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.


Here's the download link:

Out of Step Music Hour Episode 80

Here's the playlist:
1.  Ty Segall~Mother Lemonade~$ingle$ 2
2.  EnemyMine~Nightmare Air~The Ice In Me
3.  Tinariwen~Timadrit In Sahara~Emmaar
4.  Sham 69~Family Life~Tell Us The Truth
5.  The Wipers~Tragedy~Is This Real
6.  Fugazi~In Defense Of Humans~First Demo
7.  John Coltrane~It's Easy To Remember~The Classic Quartet: Complete Impulse! Recordings
8.  UV Race~Girl In My Head~Homo
9.  Chris Stowe~Sometimes They Give Us Beer For Free~Hollow
10.  Wilson Pickett~Mustang Sally~Wilson Pickett: A Man And A Half
11.  Modey Lemon~Garbageman, Garbageman~House On The Hill
12.  Bruce Banner~Nostalgia~I've Had It With Humanity
13.  Tess Brunet~Left~The Great Nothing
14.  Rollins Band~One Thousand Times Blind~Life Time
15.  The Homeless Gospel Choir~Black Friday~I Used To Be So Young
16.  Bad Religion~Stranger Than Fiction~Stranger Than Fiction
17.  Eddie & The Subtitles~American Society~Fuck You Eddie!
18.  Slant 6~Don't You Ever?~Soda Pop*Rip Off
19.  The Ramones~Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment~It's Alive
20.  Buck Gooter~A To Z~The Spider's Eyes
21.  King Buzzo~Dark Brown Teeth~This Machine Kills Artists
22.  Chain & The Gang~Never Been Properly Loved~Minimum Rock 'n' Roll
23.  Vision Of Disorder~Loveless~The Cursed Remain Cursed
24.  TV Smith~Festival Of Fools~I Delete
25.  Stains~Get Revenge~Stains

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